SHARK TEETH is a term used to describe the situation when the permanent adult teeth are coming up behind the baby teeth before they have fallen out. It is one of the common questions asked by pediatric dentist. Parents are concerned about the aesthetics and profile of the child.

Permanent teeth usually start erupting between age 5 and 7. This age may vary from child to child. When the permanent teeth erupt they are suppose to dissolve the roots of their predecessors. This causes the baby tooth to become loose and wiggly. Sometimes, the baby teeth are not shed and the permanent teeth erupt. If the permanent and baby teeth are present at the same time it’s called shark teeth.

Shark smile please

Treatment plan by pediatric dentist

Typically, it is only a matter of time when the permanent teeth start replacing baby teeth. This process occurs naturally and usually no treatment is required. Encourage your child to wiggle his/her teeth. Your child can use his tongue or finger for it. Ask your child to eat hard foods like biting an apple. 

Not all shark teeth need to be extracted immediately. Most shark teeth on the bottom arch of teeth can stay there until they fall out on their own. Parents should wait for a few months before getting the tooth extracted.

shark teeth
Child biting an apple

When should you worry and visiting a pediatric dentist?

Shark teeth are common and you should not worry. Typically, a pediatric dentist recommends that a tooth be extracted, it is on the top arch where the teeth tend to be a bit more stubborn before falling out.

If your child has a set of shark teeth, don’t panic. Call into your child’s pediatric dentist and see what they have to say.

Shark teeth in upper jaw
Is it normal for a permanent tooth to come in behind a baby tooth?

Your child’s baby tooth will come loose and fall out, then the adult tooth will take its place. But sometimes, this doesn’t happen. If your child’s baby tooth root doesn’t dissolve, or it doesn’t fall out on schedule, the permanent tooth may grow behind it until it falls out.

What to do if an adult tooth is growing over a baby tooth?

However, if the baby tooth is not loose and feels extremely firm, schedule an appointment with your dentist to examined. After examining your child’s teeth, the dentist willl make the best suggestion, which may involve removing the baby tooth or just waiting for it to fall out naturally.

Is shark teeth good or bad?

The eruption of “shark teeth” really alarms parents. Most begin to worry about extraction as well as an early need for braces or other orthodontic devices. But there’s really not a lot to be concerned about. Shark teeth are more common than you might expect and usually not a huge problem to conquer.


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You can always book an appointment with us and let us guide you in the best course of action to a quick recovery.

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