Many adults and most of the children have terrible needle phobia. It is because of the fear of the needles that a lot of kids avoid going to the dentist and it further damages their oral and physical health. Here are some of the steps which can reduce the fear of dental injection and the pain associated with it.

Talk to the dentist about your child’s fear

It is very important that you tell the dentist about your child’s phobia. This way the dentist can be more empathetic and can handle to situation better. Dentists should talk to children first before starting the treatment and ensure them that everything will go smoothly.

Use local anesthetic gel

Most of the dentists do not use numbing gel. Local anesthetic gels are available in different flavors. They can help in reducing pain when applied topically.

Give injection gently and slowly

Administering the injection too quickly can increase dental injection pain. Dentists should be gentle and give the injection slowly.

Dentist should make tissue taut before giving injection

Some oral soft tissues need to be stretched before giving dental injection to make it less painful. Some areas of the mouth need the soft skin pulled tightly before injections are given. Others are OK to be given without doing so. Ask your child’s dentist before they begin if this is an area where the skin should be tightened before injecting to avoid pain or not.

Ask to child to close his eyes

Before giving injection ask the child to close his eyes. The sight of injection can give kids anxiety. It is better if they close their eyes instead of their mouth.

Use music to distract the children

Make the kids listen to their favorite music through ear phones. Music helps reduce anxiety and is a good method to distract the child’s attention.

Use relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques to reduce dental injection pain: Deep breathing and meditation may help in reducing anxiety and fear of injection.

Consult a psychologist

Calming a patient down to  reduce dental injection pain: Usually dentists know how to calm a panicky patient but if the fear is a lot then it is better to consult a psychologist. Psychologists use techniques that may include things like systematic sensualizing, deep breathing, visualization, positive affirmation, and guided imagery to name a few things that be able to help your child overcome the fear.

Use Virtual Reality goggles

Virtual Reality (VR) therapy is a new technique through which you can distract your child. Children can watch VR videos and can avoid seeing the needle. It also helps in reducing anxiety. According to studies a significant reduction in pain is noted in kids using VR during dental treatment.

IV sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

If as much as the thought of needles have your child terrified then maybe an IV sedation may be the way to go. Most kids with severe needle phobias cannot tolerate dental needles in any way.

General anesthesia

This is a very last resort. If everything else fails and the child can endure no needles of any type. General Anesthesia can be used for things like extractions; it cannot be used for just filings and restorative work.

Did you know that a high number of dental problems can be solved by taking precautions and changing habits? Tele-dentistry can help guide you in these matters and give you a solution in the comfort of your home.

You can always book an appointment with us and let us guide you in the best course of action to a quick recovery.

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