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Just as you may recall from your own childhood, daunting dental visits can lead to lasting fears, leaving both parents and children discouraged, stressed, overwhelmed, and scared. However, we’re committed to redefining pediatric dental care. Our certified dentists employ a communicative and educational approach, ensuring that every step of the wellness program and treatment options is explained thoroughly. Our aim is to empower both you and your child with confidence as we work together towards a healthier and happier future.



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What our patients say about us

Had great experience with Dr Maha. To be honest she is very humble and very polite. Discussed all the concerns of my 14 months old daughter on call. From oral hygiene to treatment, she discussed everything with me & gave her precious time. Too good jazak Allah. Will stay in touch inshaAllah 💗 totally recommended

Ariba Athar

Dr. Maha was so nice to talk to, very friendly yet professional. I booked an appointment with her but cancelled it twice because of some unexpected circumstances, she didn’t complain at all and accommodated me again and again. Listened to my issues so attentively and then answered all of them, guided my daughter just like a child should be addressed. And the biggest blessing- it was all online, so without the hassle of going out and sitting in waiting rooms my whole issue was resolved just on call. Thankyou so much for giving us your time. God bless you.

Fatima Lakhani

Highly recommended. Great doctor mashaAllah. Very patient, kind and brilliant with handling children’s tantrums. I have had personal experience with the doctor pre-covid. My children do not want to see any other dentist anymore. Many thanks and much love.

Maryam Z Khan

Very helpful, so informative and good tactics. Dr Maha Alam explained so beautifully.

Huma Zain

it’s really helpful platform to get in touch in order to seek guidance and to know the teething problems in ur kids.. really appreciate their work and highly recommended.

Sara javaid

Highly recommend tooth fairy! Dr. Maha is extremely helpful and sweet. Despite her busy schedule she took out time to answer all my queries. She’s not just a children’s dentist but adults can consult her too

Bushra Javed Saleem

Dr Maha is very nice person.. I am completely satisfied after talking to her on call… she answer all my queries…she guide me in detail about my child oral issues Jazak Allah highly recommend 

Tooba Nabeel

I have consulted Tooth Fairy numerous times online for my daughter who’s 10 months now. From questions related to teething and problems that come with it to queries about cleaning teeth for babies, Tooth Fairy has been super helpful. Quick response and great customer service. Highly recommend

Mishal Alam

Rapid response , highly recommended for consultation about teething nd other tooth related issues for infants.

Alina Batool

Had a very great experience with Dr. Maha😊
She is very humble and polite. Much recommended this page for your little ones tooth care 🦷.
She Guided Me Very Well
Thank You 🙏

Husn Ul Maab

Toothbrusing Timer 

Children often struggle with brushing for the recommended two minutes, as it can feel like a long time to them. By using a toothbrush timer, kids can see exactly how much time they have left and can focus on brushing all of their teeth evenly.